Gratitude to Toshi Seeger (1922-2013)

We received the sad news of Toshi-Aline Ohta Seeger’s passing from NYC Friends of Clearwater. She lived to 91 and we’re so grateful for her long lifetime of contributions. Last month we saw Mrs. Seeger at the Clearwater Festival’s food court after our long day of providing paddling to the Working Waterfront. It was touching to see the tender care Pete and the family gave her — she and Pete would have celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary this month. HarborLAB hopes to honor her with an event this season.

A young Toshi Seeger. Photo by Gene Deitch ©, via Sing Out! magazine. Full article linked below.

Here’s the note from NYC Friends of Clearwater, including an opportunity to honor Mrs. Seeger this weekend:

There are people who touch our lives and we may never know them or of them but they have a profound impact. Toshi Seeger is one of them.
Toshi was a remarkable strong, humble, gentle and selfless, outspoken activist for social and environmental justice She was the rock behind Pete Seeger. Their 70 year love story was the of the highest heart connection.

As one person mentioned she was a giant of the Hudson River ecological restoration. Toshi was recognized in the Clearwater family as the backbone of all the important work cleaning up our river by Pete and the Clearwater organization he founded. She was also the driving force behind the Clearwater revival. When you direct praise at Pete you also are praising Toshi.

Please send your heart energies to Pete Seeger and the whole Seeger family, extended family and all the many who love them.
Toshi will be remembered always in the hearts of everyone who was lucky enough to meet her and anyone who loves the spirit of Clearwater.

NYCFC is having a Sunset sail on the Clearwater Sat night and we will dedicate it to Toshi.
There are still spots available. If anyone would like to come, email: and

Donna Stein
 NYC Friends of Clearwater
 and kayaker

A Wonderful Time at the Clearwater Festival!


Volunteers Erik Baard and Patricia Vidals (with the CUNY contingent) take two new paddlers out on a gorgeous day. Photo by Danushi Fernando.

Last weekend HarborLAB was the official kayak and canoe provider to the Clearwater Festival (Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival) last weekend. We put over 300 people on the water (not a single flip!) and had a wonderful time getting to know other environmentalists and water enthusiasts. At the end of the second day we had a chance to personally thank Pete Seeger for his enormous contributions to cleaning up our waters, regionally and nationally. Our volunteers were AMAZING. Many thanks to Wesley Miller, Danushi Fernando, Patricia Erickson, Sam Wagner, Erik Baard, Dorothy Morehead, Thea Cooper, Patricia Vidals, Bob Din, Rob Cusack, Caroline Walker, Davis Janowski, Dr. Holly Porter-Morgan, Brian Morgan, Daisy Benjamin, Gil Lopez, Anarita Macri, and more! Special thanks to our youngest volunteers, Sanaa’s son, Brandon, and Davis’ daughter, Brynn.

We’re also grateful to Clearwater Festival Working Waterfront Co-Coordinators Stan Dickstein and Eric Russell for their friendly and supportive partnership, from paperwork to paddling! It was also an honor to work beside our educational role models, Rocking the Boat and NY Harbor School.


HarborLAB’s fleet of kayaks afloat at the Clearwater Festival. Photo by Erik Baard.


The HarborLAB booth staffed by our international crew of volunteers Daisy Benjamin (Philippines), Sanaa MIcheal (Egypt), and Danushi Fernando (Sri Lanka). We were almost disappointed that all queries were in English! Dorothy Morehead was also a vital part of the desk team, which ensured that our waivers were filled and provided environmental literature.


THe Working Waterfront at the Clearwater Festival. Working the beach in this photo are Dr. Holly Porter-Morgan, director of the CUNY LaGuardia Community College environmental science program, and her husband, Brian. HarborLAB provided the canoes and kayaks while rowing was provided by two educational role models for us, Rocking the Boat and NY Harbor School, and recreational groups.

photo (12)

Kayaks and canoes and rowboats, oh my!


HarborLAB Board Member Dr. Holly Porter-Morgan (director of Environmental Science, CUNY LaGuardia Community College) and husband Brian land one of our canoes. They paddled after serving others for the entire day on the beach. THANK YOU! Photo by Gil Lopez.

image (2)

Sanaa’s son Brendon paddles in after volunteering too. Photo by Sanaa Micheal.



Packing up after a long weekend of service! Volunteers Caroline Walker, Sanaa Micheal, and Danushi Fernando carry one of our kayaks back to the truck driven by Wes Miller coming up and Patricia Erickson back down. THANKS to all! Photo by Gil Lopez.


An exciting weekend ends with serenity. Sunset on the sloop Clearwater. Photo by Erik Baard.