Three Tours in a Day!

NYC City Council District 26 candidates gather for a group photo after the beach cleanup, before the paddle.

HarborLAB volunteers enjoyed a delightful day leading three kayak tours: A morning cleanup of Hallets Cove Beach in Socrates Sculpture Park (which was already in admirably good shape compared with years past) and informational tour of the western Queens waterfront with candidates vying to represent City Council District 26; a Deaf Community Paddle to seed Bushwick Inlet with native seaside goldenrod and joe pye; and then an afternoon Pride Paddle!

A huge thanks to volunteers Sally Attia, Elsie Perez-Ingabire, Sanjay Shirke, Erik Baard, Laura Picallo, Yan Cheng, Mairo Notton, Ana Chiu, Hervay Petion, Kamala Redd, Maleni Chaitoo, Dylan Geil, and Steven Chu!

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