Sunday, June 13: Paddle and Garden!

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A mellow paddle on June 13 followed by light gardening to help our native plants and a few cultivars thrive! 10AM: Gather at HarborLAB.
1030AM: Launch boats!
1230PM: Return to HarborLAB.
1244PM: High water on Newtown Creek.
1PM: Get lunch and refresh.
2PM: Do an hour of weeding and possibly watering to help our milkweed, serviceberry (shadbush), American persimmon, and hackberry (plus cultivars like apples, Asian pears, and apricots).


When HarborLAB arrived in 2012, what became our waterfront home on Newtown Creek was a collapsing bulkhead covered in stranded construction materials. Then Hurricane Sandy hit, degrading the shoreline more and spurring a wave of illegal dumping of water damaged materials onto our site. We filled dumpsters will junk, donated building supplies, and partnered with Mast Brothers to create fresh soil on site by composting cacao shells along with volunteers’ kitchen scraps. Now, thanks to new neighbor FOS Development, we’ll soon have a hose!