June 6: Deaf Community Paddle!

An ASL inclusive environmental stewardship outing!

We’ll share a mellow paddle to Bushwick Inlet and back from LIC. As usual this program is free and seating is limited. Register here by 5pm on Saturday::


Please note that we are in for a hot day, so look after yourself with proper sun protection and cold water from the tap in a reusable bottle. Also please be on time because the tides wait for no one and we have a Pride Paddle following yours! 

Everyone helps carry boats and gear down to the water and up.  Please be very careful to not damage the hulls of our kayaks on rocky shores and -the rough ridge of the precast concrete slab at 2nd Street, Hunters Point South Park.

Bring your waivers, signed or to sign on the scene: https://harborlab.org/waivers/

Float Plan: Ride the diminishing ebb to Bushwick Inlet and then the burgeoning flood back.
1130am: Gather at Second Street/Hunters Point South Park public boat launch. 12pm: Take the place of paddlers returning from the candidates’ paddle. 1230pm: Launch for Bushwick Inlet. 130pm: Seeding and cleaning in Bushwick Inlet.215pm: Launch to return to LIC. 330pm: Land at  Second Street/Hunters Point South Park public boat launch. 

What to wear: Quick-drying clothing, sturdy shoes you don’t mind getting wet (water shoes and athletic sandals are best, and not flip-flops), a hat, sunglasses, environmentally responsible sunblock (Environmental Working Group recommendations here). 

What to bring: A reusable water bottle filled from the tap, snacks that minimize or eliminate one-use plastic packaging, a change of clothing and shoes if needed, aspirin or the like. 

Safety Notes: Current CV-19 protocols. Participants will be matched in tandem kayaks by HarborLAB volunteers according to the paddling needs of the group, not social affiliation. Do not lean but rather remain centered in the boat. No horseplay (the same rules apply to adults as to the kids we serve). No alcohol, smoking, or recreational drugs. The group must stay close together in a pod with HarborLAB volunteers at point (front), sweep (back), and flanks (sides). The trip leaders’ instructions must be followed immediately as you might not be aware of some dangers (hazards just below the surface, ferry and barge traffic, etc.). Please convey any safety concerns, relevant medical conditions, or ailments immediately to a HarborLAB volunteer. During the cleanup please leave anything heavy, sharp, weird, or gross and we’ll report the item to park authorities. Focus on light plastics. 

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