Going Green in Queens!



HarborLAB was happy to be the paddling presence at the great Going Green in Queens gathering on Saturday. This is a fantastic annual networking event organized by the Queens Coalition for Parks and Greenspaces. for grassroots environmentalists, public agencies, and nonprofits. We tabled separately and also placed our postcards with Green Shores NYC, shown here.

Many thanks to Manny Steier, pictured here, for his help and great spirits. This is a capable and caring man, and HarborLAB volunteers are grateful to enjoy his fellowship. Other great volunteers who helped at Going Green in Queens included Wesley MillerPatricia Menje EricksonGrace Magee, and theQC EnvironmentalClub. Many thanks to all, and to Frederick Kress for putting together such an amazing event, with the support of NYC Department of Parks and Recreation Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski.

What HarborLAB lacked in mounds of literature we made up for in creative postcard construction.


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