East River Dolphin Sighting

North Brooklyn Boat Club photo of dolphin spotted in the East River. UN International School in background.

HarborLAB adviser Vladmir Brezina and sponsor (of our Rockaways relief work after Sandy) Johna Till Johnson, along with our North Brooklyn Boat Club neighbors, had a beautiful encounter with a dolphin in the East River. This unexpected, but we hope increasingly common, scene took place just minutes of paddling out from the Newtown Creek mouth where HarborLAB and the North Brooklyn Boat Club face each other. We hope that this marine mammal is well. Please report all marine mammal and turtle sightings to the Riverhead Foundation’s hotlines: 631-369-9840 ext. 15 for routine sightings; 631-369-9829 if you think the animal might be in distress. More here: http://northbrooklynboatclub.org/2013/03/east-river-dolphin-sighting/

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