Paddlesport 2013!


Paddlesport is the largest annual East Coast paddling industry expo and 2013 was a huge success!  We’re grateful to Jersey Paddler for organizing it, and for its $300 gift certificate to equip HarborLAB. Congratulations to Jersey Paddler owner John Durrua on another triumph.
It was so great to share the day with HarborLAB volunteers, Patricia Menje EricksonDanushi Fernando, and Wesley Miller. Also to see great paddling friends like our logo illustrator, Tracy Coon, and her fellow Qajak USA paddlers Peter RileyValerie Riley.

Also thrilled to see the great organizer of this hugely successful event, John Durrua, and Graeme Birchall, HarborLAB volunteer Paul Baker, veteran paddler (in both senses) Bill Leonhardt, and HRWA’s Carl Steiniger. And many more. What a day! We bought great books, life jackets, a boat, and other needed and fun items. Can’t wait to see Paul afloat in his new yak!

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