Aug 24: Vegan Dim Sum Run!



Come kayak the East River from LIC to the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy a round table discussion about how to prevent some of the damages of climate change by making better food choices. For example, delicious vegan dim sum!

Application to join this trip must be made here:

Seating is limited. Joining us will be a representative from the United Nations Environment Programme’s office in New York. Other special guests will be announced as they are confirmed. All are welcome to join us at the restaurant, even if they don’t paddle. Please make your own arrangements, however, as our reservation is for a dozen.

This event is free. Food and ferry are at one’s own expense, but students and volunteers with a financial hardship will be covered by HarborLAB. Donations are gratefully accepted at:

This brunch voyage is inspired by public information like the new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report ( that advocate for a plant-based diet.

Direct links to IPCC reports:



(Please note that we’ve amended our Float Plan to accommodate some bureaucratic issues surrounding the beach on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Instead we’ll land at the Pier 4 beach at Brooklyn Bridge Park and ride to Manhattan with our sponsor, NYC Ferry/Hornblower Cruises. As a result we will launch earlier in the morning and land later in the afternoon.)

7AM: Gather at HarborLAB
8AM: Launch!
9AM: Land at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 4 Beach. One person will babysit the boats.Group walks walks to River Cafe restaurant (Dumbo) ferry dock. 12 minute walk.
10:05am: Ferry to Pier 11, Wall Street. 3 minute ride.
10:08am: Arrive at Pier 11, Wall Street. 21 minute walk to Vegetarian Dim Sum House: 24 Pell St #1, New York, NY 10013
11am: Brunch!
12:30pm: Brunch concludes.
108pm: NYC Ferry to Dumbo.
2PM: Launch for the return.
3:30PM: Land at HarborLAB and pack up.
4:30PM: Done!

What to bring and wear:

Common sense sun protection for (hat, UV broadband sunglasses, eco-friendly sunblock), sturdy footwear you don’t mind getting wet (not flip flops), dry change of clothing, quick drying paddling clothing, full reusable water bottle (you can refill in Brooklyn, but there’s no water at HarborLAB), snacks with no plastic packaging if possible (oranges are great, or nuts in a reusable bag).

Don’t do what you feel unsafe doing. For example, our shoreline is very rough but entering and exiting the boats at 2nd Street is safer and easier.
Stay close together. Do not stray.
Listen to instructions and directions immediately and precisely. There might be safety concerns about which you’re unaware.
If you don’t feel well, are in pain, or have a condition that could affect you or the group, please inform the trip leader or a volunteer escort immediately.
Stay hydrated. Drink before you feel thirsty.


Sa 24 High 2:43 AM 4.0 6:15 AM Rise 12:06 AM 48
24 Low 9:00 AM 1.1 7:41 PM Set 2:55 PM
24 High 3:00 PM 4.8
24 Low 10:30 PM 1.1

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