Huge Thanks to Today’s Gardeners!


Left to right, Ira, Mary, Kieren, Zamira. Photo by Luke.

Many thanks to Ira Gershenhorn, Carolin Zayas, Meherunnisa “Mary” Jobaida, Zamira Kamal Khodjaeva, Kieren Rudge, and Luke O’Brien (not pictured in this series because he was the photographer) for coming down to organize our site, weed invasives, tend to our milkweed and other native species, monitor our oyster research station, and other important but often unsung environmental work.

HarborLAB operates from a small strip of waterfront on Newtown Creek, a US EPA Superfund site that needs all the love it can get, but which never be written off for dead. Waterfowl, aquatic mammals, migratory passerines, monarch butterflies, many species of fish, invertebrates, flowers and grasses, and more make their homes here.

Ira, Garden and Habitat Restoration Manager, and Carolin, Administration Manager, work many hours outside the public eye, so it can be difficult to attract volunteers to their projects. When folks do chip in, we are especially grateful. Today’s crew also had the opportunity to paddle and chat over snacks and drinks.

Again, THANKS!


Ira and oysters (and other sea life along for the ride). Photo by Luke.


Flowers and pokeberry. Photo by Luke.


Milkweed seed pods. Photo by Luke.


Zamira and Carolin. Photo by Luke.