HarborLAB Library!


HarborLAB is building a wee little library for our students, volunteers, and the public and partners we serve. Some subjects include water, ecology and other sciences, the harbor and Catskills regions, kayaking, nature writing, environmental justice. Our two latest acquisitions are “The Other Islands of New York City” by Sharon Seitz & Stuart Miller and “Hidden Waters of New York City” by Sergey Kadinsky. Well, in truth, the latter book is a bit of a tease; it won’t be circulated until finalized and released in March! Aren’t they perfect companion books?

Our full library will be in circulation starting this spring (just please don’t use your paddle as a bookmark!), and in some cases we’ll invite authors to speak about their work!

If you’d like to contribute to our library (widen our scope!), please come by during programming hours or mail books to:


ATTN: Library

53-21 Vernon Blvd

LIC, NY 11101


Many thanks! 

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