Gather Goldenrod for HarborLAB!

Calling all naturalists! HarborLAB would be grateful for goldenrod seeds when they’re yielded this October. Goldenrod will be a beautiful part of the GreenLaunch habitat restoration. 
Please see below several varieties of goldenrod photographed by HarborLAB. This is a beautiful native flower that can help stabilize our shoreline and sustain pollinators. Because its large pollen evolved to be carried on insect legs, not by the wind, it’s not a concern for people with allergies.

Gathering goldenrod seeds is easy! Look for them now that they are in full flower. You’ll often find them in disturbed soil and poor soil near the shoreline. Remember the spot, then return in the second half of October when they are mostly dry. Cut the stems a three finger-widths up from the base. Put the plant upside-down in paper bags and bring them to us! We’ll sun dry them a bit more and seed the shoreline for golden splendor next August and September!

Our shoreline already has milkweed and pokeberry that we’ll grow to stabilize our upland edge and sustain Monarch butterflies, other pollinators, and birds. We’ll also grow beach plums, shadbush, and other natives to stabilize the shore and sustain wildlife. You can see milkweed behind the final goldenrod photo here, and then milkweed seeds we’re gathering from our site. Also pictured her is pokeberry, which grows further inland on our site.