2022 Newtown Creek Sweep!

HarborLAB Board Member and LaGuardia Community College Professor of Biology Ingrid Veras, PhD (bow) and HarborLAB Student Outreach Manager Jamillah Grizzle with a LaGCC environmental science student on the Newtown Creek.
The Sweep crew at the rapidly changing mouth of Newtown Creek.

After a rain and water quality delay two weeks ago, HarborLAB had a great Newtown Creek Sweep! The event is coordinated with a wider regional Riverkeeper Sweep program. Under the direction of HarborLAB Board Member Ingrid Veras, PhD, biology professor at LaGuardia Community College and HarborLAB NYC Infrastructure Manager Elsie Perez-Ingabire, volunteers and students removed plastics, documented biota by uploading photographs and observations to iNaturalist and this year paid particular attention to access possibilities along the creek.

As Dr. Veras explained, “We need safe access to the creek so we  can educate our students and the community about the importance of proper garbage disposal and preserving our environment and our waters for future generations, and to show them the impact our actions have on ecosystems.”

Special thanks to HarborLAB Student Outreach Manager Jamilah Grizzle and volunteer Richard Furlong for assisting with the program.

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