January 10: Seedball Making!



We’ll have two events for local youth in LIC on Friday, Jan 10. One is at a school at 10am and the next at a youth service organization at 230pm. If you’d like to assist, please register via the form linked and you’ll receive details.

We’ll have a family event, open to the public, later this season. Please stay tuned.

Register here (a Facebook click isn’t registration):


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Our fun work will help green and strengthen NYC shorelines in 2020 with Little Bluestem, Joe Pye, Goldenrod, and Milkweed seeds gathered by HarborLAB volunteers and local students.

Seedballs are simple to make and contribute to STEM education through service. We just mix natural clay powder, compost or potting soil, seeds, and water into a cookie dough-like consistency. Then we roll the “dough” into penny-wide balls and place them in a single layer in a pizza box or other similarly wide and shallow box.

PLEASE help clean up.