2017 City of Water Day Memories — Con Ed Cardboard Kayak Race!


Billion Oyster Project for the win!

HarborLAB provided safety support for the Consolidated Edison Kayak Race, a highlight of City of Water Day, produced by Waterfront Alliance. We also fielded a team, called “The Neversinks” for our watershed program on the Neversink Reservoir. Alas, our craft didn’t live up to that name. For the third year in a row, HarborLAB’s cardboard kayak was distinguished as the fastest…sinker. It’s almost as if we aren’t really trying to win! 😉

The glory went to the Billion Oyster Project! We couldn’t have wished the win on a nicer set of bivalve molluscs.

We had a wonderful time and introduced hundreds of people to our estuary, and perhaps sparked dreams in hundreds of more to try another time!

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