2017 Red Cross Certification Day


LIC YMCA Aquatics Director Mohinder Rana teaches Basic Water Rescue to HarborLAB volunteers at the LaGuardia Community College pool. Photo by Jeffrey Lim.


A group of 15 HarborLAB volunteer leaders were certified by the Red Cross for adult and pediatric AED, CPR, First Aid, and Basic Water Rescue on Saturday. This training is required by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection for program leaders at the Neversink Reservoir and helps meet our insurance requirements for programs on the estuary as well. HarborLAB maintains two kayak and canoe fleets, on the harbor and watershed, for environmental education that encapsulates the entire NYC water system.

HarborLAB also funds American Canoe Association training and certification for our volunteers to teach fundamental paddling skills to underrepresented communities and the public at large through our Instruction for Inclusion program.

We had a great time learning from instructors Bob Erisman of Save a Life, Inc. and Mohinder Rana, Aquatics Director at the LIC YMCA. Sarah Durand, PhD, of the Natural Sciences Department at LaGuardia Community College kindly arranged for our room and pool use.

This program is made possible by LaGuardia Community College, the LIC YMCA, a personal donation by HarborLAB volunteer Katherine Bradford, and ExxonMobil’s community outreach for the NY Department of Environmental Conservation administrated Greenpoint Petroleum Remediation Project, which addresses some of the Standard Oil legacy pollution impacting our Newtown Creek home base. Also sponsoring is ExxonMobil Environmental Services environmental consultant, Roux Associates.

This class added or renewed certifications for:

Attia, Sally
Aquino, Patricia
Baard, Erik
Bradford, Katherine
De Jesus, Erycka
Erickson, Partricia
Lim, Jeff
Maucher, Dee Dee
O’Neil, Evan
Szatkowski, Diana
Tan, Ray
Tse, Mambo
Widawski, Chana
Wolpow, Scott
Zayas, Carolin