City of Water Day 2016 Memories


HarborLAB’s open paddling program at Governors Island. 


HarborLAB was again privileged to provide the public paddling session for the Governors Island centerpiece of City of Water Day. It’s a lot of work, but a joyful service for us. City of Water Day is produced by Waterfront Alliance and is our region’s largest annual harbor festival. Our founder also initiated in 2007 what became City of Water Day, originally called the Five Borough Harbor Ramble. We’re thrilled with how Waterfront Alliance has grown and managed the event, which is a gift to thousands of New Yorkers and visitors.

In just a few hours we introduced 150 people to our estuary! Our crew included a new volunteer who’s a pediatric emergency registered nurse; a professional instructor from Prime Paddlesports; and longstanding volunteers with Red Cross adult and pediatric certification in Basic Water Rescue, AED, CPR, and First Aid.

Our education table, below, was also busy with queries about local waters, wildlife, our seed ball program, and displays that included a mushroom alternative to expanded polystyrene (more commonly referred to by the trademark, Styrofoam).  We’re lucky that so many of our volunteer educators are professionals with the NYC Department of Education, American Museum of Natural History, and other great organizations.


HarborLAB’s education table on Governors Island. 

Our crew was all smiles but the enterprise required an organizational backbone. For every peal of laughter there was a spreadsheet.


Please enjoy the gallery by Erik Baard and Ray Tan below.