The SUPergirls Are Super Women!


This Women’s Day we salute two women today who’ve completed a remarkable voyage, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) from New York City to Miami! “Atlantic SUPergirls” Julieta Gismondi and LouAnne Harris launched on October 12, racing ahead of winter for the 1,500 miles until they arrived warm, safe, and sound before Valentine’s Day! They’re back in now-thawing New York City, reading to lead trips again for Manhattan Kayak Company.

Gismondi and Harris added environmental science value to their adventure by testing for nitrates and phosphates along the way, thanks to help from Columbia University. Nitrates and phosphates cause Eutrophication “dead zones” where biodiversity and complexity have fallen to smothering algae blooms. Often the sources for nitrates and phosphates are agricultural fertilizer runoffs and sewer overflows and discharges.

The surely sore duo also raised funds along the way for charitable causes. You can still support First Descents to boost the morale of young adults who are fighting cancer by sharing outdoor adventures or Mission Blue ocean conservancy. Mission Blue was founded by another waterways-loving woman of accomplishment, Sylvia Earle. Just go to the Atlantic SUPergirls’ Gofundme account to help them close the gap.

We look forward to meeting these super women on the water again this summer!


Julieta Gismondi with her day’s plastic trash haul. The two SUPergirls also promoted jewelry from upcycled plastic fishing line that once littered coasts.


Gismondi and Harris arriving in Miami.