World Water Walk, March 20!


FREE EVENT for World Water Day
11AM Fountain in Washington Square Park to 3PM Reservoir in Central Park.
Fact: In much of Africa and Asia, women walk an average of 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) for water:
Proposed: A 6K-Plus walk up Fifth Avenue from the Washington Square Park fountain to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park to raise awareness, and possibly funds, to address this crisis.
HarborLAB has a second boat fleet on the Neversink Reservoir that we’ll use to teach young people about our drinking water supplies, another way life in our region contrasts with world scarcity. This walk, to highlight the soon-following UN World Water Day ( will shape future fundraisers and greater presences.
This World Water Walk will help build the team that envisions and implements the greater event in future years.
This year we’ll walk the route an note companies and entities that might sponsor, publicize, or otherwise get involved in future mass Water Walks. We’ll also look for the best spots for rallies and telegenic events. Fifth Avenue’s famous fountains ae natural fits: Rockefeller Center, Plaza Hotel, and Metropolitan Museum of Art.
To participate please email with the subject line “Water Walk.” Also join here: