Winterize the GreenLaunch!

Work party on Sunday (Dec 6, 11am4pm)!

53-21 Vernon Blvd, LIC, NY 11101


Slumber comes upon our green and sunny launch, but let’s tuck our boats in smartly!

Come help organize the site and safeguard our fig trees against frost. We’ll have pizza and hot chocolate or whatever the group decides upon. Bring music if you can! If you can’t come for the whole day, swing by for the hours you can. Thanks!

Some tasks:

1) Organize the sheds.Move items not prone to theft outside in bins.

2) Sort through materials on site. Repair or dispose.

3) Protect the figs if leaves have dropped.

4) Install cameras and secure bins.

5) Mulch.

6) Sew seeds.

All hands needed and newcomers gratefully welcomed!