Little Trip to the Big Moon


The Super Blood Moon Crew.

HarborLAB hosted a mini-tour to see the “Super Blood Moon,” a rare concurrence of two phenomena: a full moon that’s that’s both closest to Earth and eclipsed by it. Our atmosphere refracts the loner red wavelengths of sunlight passing through it, aiming them directly ahead at the moon.

More about the science of eclipses here:

Most folks who signed up to paddle out to see the red, full moon dispaired that clouds would add another unwanted kind of eclipse.That made a late Sunday night seem less appealing. But Facilities Manager Patricia Erickson kindly prepped the trip and two guests (who learned about us through her work at Hour Children) were well rewarded! The magnificent moon slipped the clouds several times while they canoed the Newtown Creek, between the Manhattan skyline and the Pulaski Bridge! We hope our new friends return. We can’t promise celestial wonders every time, but we can promise learning and adventure aboard our boats!