Get to Know Earth Day Initiative!


What day is it? Earth Day, of course! Earth Day is every day and everywhere across the globe, from the deep ocean to low orbit. What are you doing for it? That’s the spirit of our fiscal sponsor’s new logo and name: Earth Day Initiative. Earth Day consciousness must inspire actions — a shared spirit of initiative — each day if we’re to resolve crises facing our world. Humanity can thrive only within Earth’s universally unique biosphere.

Earth Day Initiative started as Earth Day New York in 1990, and annually stages our grandest celebrations of sustainable living. But over these 25 years, Earth Day New York grew into an organization that educates and serves well beyond the April  hoopla and the five boroughs. One of the great things it made possible is HarborLAB itself, accepting donations on our behalf as fiscal sponsor and helping us with administration until we fledge as an independent 501(C)(3) nonprofit. Earth Day Initiative also introduces HarborLAB to volunteer teams as we work to transform our waterfront!

So check out Earth Day Initiative, support the organization generously, and make use of this great, engaging environmental brain trust!