Earth is Worth Studying!

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A great way to meaningfully celebrate Earth Day is to promote an excellent, affordable environmental science program! The Environmental Science Major at LaGuardia Community College is a primary partner for HarborLAB — we can’t begin to describe the value of this relationship — and every day its professors nurture and train brilliant new minds to solve the problems of today and tomorrow! The college has the Newtown Creek Superfund for a laboratory outside its windows.

We strongly encourage students and their parents to see STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) through a “green” lens. Students can explore exciting fields like biomimicry (design inspiration from nature), phytoremediation (using plants to pull toxins from soil and water), Geographic Information System mapping (enriching maps with layers of specialized data), infrastructure for resiliency and sustainability, water quality, environmental economics (valuing services provided by nature), and more! Start by “liking” the program’s fan page on Facebook to keep up with students’ valuable work for the community! Or come assist the students through HarborLAB! Board member Holly Porter-Morgan, PhD, is director of the LaGuardia Community College Environmental Science program and very active in the field as well as lab.

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