June 14 Saturday Science Stumper!


Welcome back, Chrono Art Clock! What? It’s not the clock that befuddled Oscar Madison on “The Odd Couple” in 1973 (appearing at 12:45)? No. But it does tell you if it’s a safe time to be in the water! So what are we looking at?


Horseshoe Ctab Blood

MARK THIESSEN/National Geographic Creative


Much like the Vulcans of “Star Trek,” horseshoe crabs have blood that uses copper instead of iron to transport oxygen. It also happens that their blood is a fantastic tool for detecting bacteria that might contaminate pharmaceutical instruments and injections. Horseshoe crabs (not really crabs at all) are captured, tapped for blood to be used for this purpose, and released. For those of us who are less bloodthirsty, you can see their moon-driven, ancient mating migrations this weekend along beaches throughout NYC! More about our local horseshoe crabs at Nature Calendar.

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