Free Reservoir Access Permit!

wac row your boat

Photo by Watershed Post (

Get your free five-year access permit ( to paddle and hike our NYC reservoir system!

If you want to volunteer for HarborLAB’s Watershed Wonder Tours (aka ReservoirLAB), or even just participate, you’ll need this permit. Our watershed programs at the Neversink Reservoir begin Memorial Day, but we’d like volunteers to square this paperwork away early.

It’s quick and easy!

Please go to this link:

And here’s our Facebook “event” promoting sign permit applications:

After completing the form, please email with the subject line “Watershed,” telling us that you’ve applied for your permit and how you’d like to help. We’ll have both educational partnerships fostered by the NYC DEP and community “walk-up” days with educational and activity booths promoting other water ecology causes.


Photo by Google Maps/Google Earth.

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