May 11: HarborLAB and the Amazing Bronx River Flotilla!

The Bronx River Alliance at work!

HarborLAB is thrilled to support the 2013 Amazing Bronx River Flotilla and the Starlight 5K Canoe Challenge!

This is the tenth anniversary of the Bronx River Alliance, which provides great lessons for other neighborhood waterfront networking organizations, including local pillars like Green Shores NYC and the Newtown Creek Alliance. Among the many achievements for which the Bronx River Alliance and its allies can take credit: putting thousands of kids on the water, sparking the growth of new parks, leading cleanup efforts, and forcing pollution controls upriver. It’s also the opening of Starlight Park!

The Bronx River is NYC’s only true river. Even the mighty Hudson River is pushed back by an arm of the sea, so it’s an estuary within city limits. The Bronx River mouth is certainly estuarine, but fresh waters fall through the New York Botanical Gardens and Bronx Zoo. Its wildlife is abundant, with even the emissary of an ancient Egyptian god!

HarborLAB will be lending five Old Town Saranac 160 canoes to the Flotilla’s public outreach programs and sharing its ten Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 XL kayaks with Bronx River Alliance staff, serving as extra eyes for safety on the water. If you’d like to volunteer for this event, email!

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