Thanks for Supporting The WAEV!

Huge thanks to the Simeon & Jean H. Locke Foundation for supporting The WAEV (Water Access Electric Vehicles), HarborLAB’s innovative mobile boathouse. Thanks to the foundation we paid off one of our two Nissan LEAFs. Each EV carries enough tandem kayaks and gear for an education and stewardship program or an educational tour, and both can handle our largest community paddles in Gantry Plaza State Park!

If you’d like to support HarborLAB with a tax-deductible donation of any size, please do so through our convenient fundraising portal or contact Thanks!

Wonderful Gantry Weekend!

Video by Steven Chu

HarborLAB hosted two paddles over the pst weekend, to celebrate Pride Month and Juneteenth and to honor contributions made by LGBTQ+ and African American leaders in environmentalism. We also recognize the injustices that still afflict these communities in terms of pollution and equal access to environmental STEM education and careers. The pace at Gantry Plaza State Park in LIC was mellow given the cooler temperatures, allowing all to enjoy a relaxed time afloat and ashore.

Great thanks to volunteers and students Yemi Abioye, James Barkley, Phillip Borbon, Steven Chu, Azamat Davlyatov, Elsie Perez-Ingabire, Ira Gershenhorn, David Lam, Laura Picallo, Scott Wolpow and to Gantry Plaza State Park Manager Kevin Selig and his colleagues for making it all happen!

Juneteenth Paddle at Gantry!

Save the Date for an open paddle to celebrate Juneteenth!

Sunday, June 19, 12PM-2PM.
Gantry Plaza State Park at 50th Avenue
FREE. No reservations. All are welcome.


Come enjoy an introductory paddle under the skyline! While you’re down at the waterfront, consider the legacy of African American leaders in the environmental movement and opportunities for future leaders to gain representation and sustainability skills and education. Get inspired to counter environmental racism!

Some great resources to learn more:
NY Department of Environmental Conservation Juneteenth Commemoration
NY Times History of Juneteenth
NYC Board of Education Resources
Black Environmentalists to Follow

June 18 Pride Paddle at Gantry Plaza State Park!

Photo by Susan Candelario.

Save the Date for an open paddle to celebrate Pride Month!

Rescheduled from June 12 for weather and water quality.

Saturday, June 18, 12PM-2PM. Tentative, to be confirmed by park managers on Tuesday (depending on concurrent programming). FREE. No reservations. All are welcome.

Come enjoy an introductory paddle under the skyline! While you’re down at the waterfront, learn about LGBTQ+ leaders in the environmental movement and opportunities for future leaders to gain representation and sustainability skills and education.

Some great resources to learn more:
Out for Sustainability
Queering Environmental Justice
Is Science Too Straight?
Queering Environmental Justice: Unequal Environmental Health Burden on the LGBTQ+ Community
Environmental Injustice and Sexual Minority Health Disparities: A National Study of Inequitable Health Risks from Air Pollution among Same-Sex Partners
LGBTQ Environmental Activists
LGBTQ+ Environmentalists You Should Know About

Family Earth Fair with Coastal Preservation Network!

HarborLAB provided two paddling programs at one of New York City’s most promising shorelines, Herman MacNeil Park. The site holds many access, safety, and environmental challenges but has the great advantage of immensely capable local advocates, Coastal Preservation Network. It could be truly amazing and is reachable by the Q25 bus from the heart of Jamaica.

Coastal Preservation Network hosted its annual Family Earth Fair yesterday on Saturday, June 4, and we honored to again provide the free public paddling element. After the program ended we held a special session for the Girl Scouts with Guardians of Flushing Bay. There were many lessons learned in terms of our new equipment and procedures, and it was a great demonstration of the abilities and dedication of HarborLAB students and volunteers. We’ll also join Coastal Preservation Network in advising our friends at NYC Department of Parks and Recreation on what landscape and infrastructure work must be done to make the site viable for safe and steady programming in the future.

Gantry Plaza Program Cancellation.

Our apologies for canceling today’s program, June 5. We have students and volunteers ready to serve but three experienced program leaders are ill and we determined that without them the program could not be operated safely.

2022 Newtown Creek Sweep!

HarborLAB Board Member and LaGuardia Community College Professor of Biology Ingrid Veras, PhD (bow) and HarborLAB Student Outreach Manager Jamillah Grizzle with a LaGCC environmental science student on the Newtown Creek.
The Sweep crew at the rapidly changing mouth of Newtown Creek.

After a rain and water quality delay two weeks ago, HarborLAB had a great Newtown Creek Sweep! The event is coordinated with a wider regional Riverkeeper Sweep program. Under the direction of HarborLAB Board Member Ingrid Veras, PhD, biology professor at LaGuardia Community College and HarborLAB NYC Infrastructure Manager Elsie Perez-Ingabire, volunteers and students removed plastics, documented biota by uploading photographs and observations to iNaturalist and this year paid particular attention to access possibilities along the creek.

As Dr. Veras explained, “We need safe access to the creek so we  can educate our students and the community about the importance of proper garbage disposal and preserving our environment and our waters for future generations, and to show them the impact our actions have on ecosystems.”

Special thanks to HarborLAB Student Outreach Manager Jamilah Grizzle and volunteer Richard Furlong for assisting with the program.

Student Outreach!

Thank you, Jamilah Grizzle, for tabling for HarborLAB at CUNY LaGuardia Community College! Thank you Holly Porter Morgan and the environmental science program for putting the event together and for advancing the LIC Greenway effort! Thank you Scott Sternbach and Rich Furlong for supporting Jamilah’s efforts!

If you’d like HarborLAB to come to you school or university, drop us a note at!

Patagonia NYC Grant!

A huge thanks to Patagonia NYC for reaching out to HarborLAB and then selecting us for a grant and other material and volunteer support! We have exciting news coming this spring and this backing will be a huge help in making the most of it!