HarborLAB & Open Space Institute!

Citac Flyer 2016-1.28.15.indd

We are very happy to announce that Open Space Institute now serves as HarborLAB’s fiscal sponsor. We’re grateful for this new relationship, which followed months of research and transitional preparation. All tax-deductible donations to HarborLAB are made through Open Space Institute’s Citizen Action program. Here’s OSI’s nutshell explanation of the service:
The Open Space Institute’s Citizen Action program fosters the growth and success of community-based organizations focused on environmental causes. Offering a range of technical and professional support and services, Citizen Action mobilizes newly-formed nonprofits to achieve their mission and meet their organizational goals.
Other highly esteemed organizations offered to sponsor HarborLAB, but OSI brings much more than fiscal functions and technical assistance to its work with our volunteers. OSI has unique skills and experiences in conservation of habitat areas and watersheds in the Catskill Mountains, a region of growing HarborLAB activity through our ReservoirLAB program with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and Catskill Watershed Corporation. Thanks to this greater capacity, look for our programs to grow even more educationally valuable and inclusive of our city’s diverse communities. HarborLAB’s home base, the GreenLaunch, will be even greener and more secure as we add new plantings and environmentally sensitive structures.
HarborLAB remains deeply grateful to Earth Day Initiative for fiscally sponsoring us through three years of rapid growth from inception to establishment. This service was above and beyond that organization’s normal functions and stretched capacities. We will continue to honor Earth Day in our city and the organization that does most to promote it. We look forward eagerly to partnering with Earth Day Initiative on fun volunteer projects and environmental education.
HarborLAB is independently incorporated as an educational nonprofit in New York State. We are working toward our own federal 501(c)(3) status at a schedule that our legal and business managers and partners deem secure and sensible. In the meantime, we appreciate that our past and present fiscal sponsors have placed our mission on a solid foundation. Now the rest us up to us volunteers. We hope you join in the fun, meaningful work!

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